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As residents along the Atlantic coast stay alert and keep careful watch on weather reports and the progress of Tropical Storms Hanna, Ike and Josephine, CBL Data Recovery reminds individuals to protect their digital assets.

Data and files that reside on computers and other electronic devices may be critical to livelihoods and are frequently the means that many people utilize to maintain business and personal records.

Take time now before these uninvited tropical guests arrive and backup computers while there is still opportunity and power. External hard drives, USB thumb drives, CDs or DVDs are ideal to use as backup. They are easy to use and lightweight. If individuals are forced to leave home or work, these portable storage devices can easily be taken.

Victims of data loss due to flood or other storm fallout should not panic. Storage media is very resilient and data is frequently recoverable from water-damaged hard drives. Should your computer suffer water damage, CBL Data Recovery advises:

• Do not assume that the files on computers are lost;
• Do not attempt to use or power on flood-damaged devices;
• Do not open water-damaged media;
• Do not expose water-damaged media to heat for the purpose of drying it;
• Do not attempt to clean the media;
• Do not place water-logged media inside your freezer; and lastly
• Do not agitate the hardware in an attempt to rid it of water.

CBL Data Recovery recommends to flood victims:

• Remove the damaged hard drive from the computer.
• Place the media in an airtight plastic bag to prevent it from drying.
• Pack the media in a box twice its size using foam, bubble wrap or anti-shock material to prevent movement.
• Send one drive per box, and
• Ship the drive to one of CBL’s Data Recovery laboratories for a free evaluation.

Above all, remember whether you live in the projected path of a tropical storm or not, backup your computer. You might not be able to avoid Hanna, Ike and Josephine, but you can avoid the potential disaster of data loss.

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