Ten Years on From Katrina: Reducing Impact Key so Business Can Weather the Storm

31 August 2015

10 years ago this past week Hurricane Katrina slammed into New Orleans. Many businesses were submerged in water and either partially or totally destroyed. Recovery planning is key but taking steps to reduce impact on business goes a long way to maintaining operations.

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Saving Eyebeam's Media Archives from Sandy's Hurricane Floodwaters

16 January 2013

In October, Hurricane Sandy hit New York City causing a record storm surge to sweep through Eyebeam, leaving behind three and a half feet of saltwater mixed with sewage and corrosives.

CBL is all-too-familiar with this sort of recovery scene

This all-too-familiar scenario of data disaster threatening years of digital storage is featured in a great little video and article. Click through to watch after the jump.

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Week in Review

3 September 2010

New feature: we’ll be highlighting some key stories from the week’s tech news and current events.

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Hurricane Earl-y Warning

1 September 2010

Often the strength of tropical storms and hurricanes like Hurricane Earl are underestimated by those that weather them. CBL Data Recovery has extensive experience when dealing with natural disaster data recoveries and being prepared is the key to minimizing the effects on your data.

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Protect Your Digital Assets If Hanna, Hurricane Ike or Josephine Are Headed Your Way

3 September 2008

As residents along the Atlantic coast stay alert and keep careful watch on weather reports and the progress of Tropical Storms Hanna, Hurricane Ike and Josephine, CBL Data Recovery reminds individuals to protect their digital assets.

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Goodbye Dolly; Hello CBL

25 July 2008

As business owners and individuals in Southern Texas bid Hurricane Dolly farewell and good riddance, many will discover flood-damaged computers and cameras.

If you find yourself in such a predicament,

  • do not assume that the files on your computer or memory card are lost;
  • do not attempt to use...

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You can weather the storm, but can you weather data loss?

17 August 2007

You may know them as Andrea, Barry, Chantal, Dean, Erin or Flossie. No, they’re not the finalists on the popular television programs “So You Think You Can Dance” or “American Idol”. They are the tropical storms that have or are threatening to make land fall during the

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