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Data on Storm-Damaged Computers is Recoverable

Tornado clouds; photo by furnishu Data is often the key to the successful operation of business. When access to critical data is lost, your company could be crippled. Flooding, power surges, or other environmental issues can effectively destroy your data, and that may well drive you out of business, especially smaller firms. However, all may not be lost.

Once the high winds, floods and storms have died down, CBL Data Recovery recommends that when the clean-up begins, individuals and business owners who discover storm-damaged computers, digital cameras and USB keys should consider these tips:

  • don’t assume that the files on your computer or memory card are lost;
  • do not attempt to use or turn on flood- or storm-damaged devices;
  • don’t open water-damaged media;
  • don’t expose water-damaged media to heat to dry it;
  • don’t attempt to clean the media yourself;
  • don’t place water-logged media in a freezer, and
  • try not to agitate the hardware in attempts to rid of water or clean out.

Data is usually pretty resilient. Files on flood-damaged laptops, desktop PCs and servers can often be recovered, even lost priceless digital photos on memory sticks and flash cards can frequently be rescued.

Companies with data backups may also find themselves caught between piles of debris and inaccessible hard drives, backup tapes floating in a water-logged closet or servers buried under downed power lines.
Backups or backup systems can fail, but they too can often be recovered even if they have been submerged in flood waters or impacted by moving objects.

Follow these simple steps to get your storm-affected gear on the road to recovery:

  • Remove the damaged hard drive from the computer or memory card from the camera;
  • If wet, Place media in an air-tight plastic bag to prevent it from drying;
  • Pack media in a box twice its size using foam, bubble wrap or anti-shock material to prevent movement;
  • Send one drive per box, and
  • Ship to a reputable data recovery firm overnight (that’s CBL Data Recovery!)

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