Have You Seen My Data?

19 March 2013

This is more like ‘lost devices’, not quite the kind of data loss we deal with, but at CBL we feel concerned customers’ pain every day in recovery inquiries like these.

Feel the pain of lost data - Full version after the jump

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New Digital Camera Same Old Problems

15 April 2010

Nowadays picking up a new digital camera is easier than ever. The functionality is familiar regardless of what brand you go with. Charge the battery and away you go. Problems can creep up when you want to review the great photos you just finished taking. The right and left arrows move you from picture to picture but sometimes getting back to the main menu can be tricky. Is it the “setup” button, the “down” arrow, or maybe the button with the icon? Before you know it you’ve pressed one too many buttons and are staring at a blank screen.

Did you just accidentally delete ALL of your photos from your shiny new digital camera?

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A Day Without Data is Like a Day Without Sunshine

22 August 2008

Floridians would agree that Fay’s departure is long overdue. Her visit to the Sunshine State has been accompanied by horrific gale-force winds and record rainfall. In fact, Bloomberg News reported in an article that Fay has dumped almost 30 inches (76 centimeters) of...

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Goodbye Dolly; Hello CBL

25 July 2008

As business owners and individuals in Southern Texas bid Hurricane Dolly farewell and good riddance, many will discover flood-damaged computers and cameras.

If you find yourself in such a predicament,

  • do not assume that the files on your computer or memory card are lost;
  • do not attempt to use...

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