Jul 25, 05:42 PM

As business owners and individuals in Southern Texas bid Hurricane Dolly farewell and good riddance, many will discover flood-damaged computers and cameras.

If you find yourself in such a predicament,

  • do not assume that the files on your computer or memory card are lost;
  • do not attempt to use or turn on flood-damaged devices;
  • do not open water-damaged media;
  • do not expose water-damaged media to heat to dry it;
  • do not attempt to clean the media;
  • do not place water-logged media in a freezer, and
  • do not agitate the hardware in an attempt to rid it of water.

Files on flood-damaged laptops, PCs, and servers can be recovered. Even priceless photographs on memory sticks and flash cards are recoverable if the media has not experience physical damage.

Backups also fail, but they are also recoverable even if they have been submerged in flood waters.

“If you know someone who has been impacted by Dolly, let them know that files on water-damaged computers and storage devices are frequently recoverable,” encourages Jose Ponce, Lab Manager of CBL Data Recovery Technologies’ Houston facility.

Ponce recommends that flood victims in Southern Texas:

  • Remove the damaged hard drive from the computer or memory card from their camera;
  • Place media in an air-tight plastic bag to prevent it from drying;
  • Pack media in a box twice its size using foam, bubble wrap or anti-shock material to prevent movement;
  • Send one drive per box, and
  • Ship to CBL’s Houston lab overnight which is located at

14340 Torrey Chase Boulevard
Suite 390
Houston, TX 77014.

And, say Goodbye Dolly; Hello CBL.

A data recovery hotline for flood victims has been set up. Call 1-800-551-3917, extension USA (872) for assistance.

For a complete list of CBL locations visit www.cbltech.com.

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