The 12 Days of Data Recovery, expanded edition

21 December 2017

“In the 12 Days of Christmas, Customers sent to us…” Now with interactive expanded explanations!

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6 Practical and Essential Data Safety Items to Put on Your Wishlist (And Check Twice)

20 December 2017

Our tech support and data recovery specialists have assembled a practical wish list for your cyber safety, so you can have the most wonderful time all year, every year (approved by The Big Guy, himself).

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Tips for Secure Online Shopping

9 December 2015

Keep Data Safe This Holiday Season

Increasingly more people are opting to do their holiday shopping online rather than subject themselves to the chaos of crowded malls this time of year. Saving people time and energy over the hectic holiday season is no doubt a great benefit brought by the evolution of the internet, but it doesn’t come without its own unique set of evils.

Recent incidents of cybersecurity and data theft have brought light to the risks consumers face when sharing and entrusting their sensitive data with corporations and third party institutions. Malicious intentioned cyber criminals continue to develop new, tech-savvy ways to hack into people’s private accounts for the purpose of stealing sensitive information.

Protect your data while doing your holiday shopping online this month with these tips and safety precautions.

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Twelve Days of Data Recovery counted into 2013

7 January 2013

We counted the 12 Days of Christmas in a data recovery style over the holiday season to take us into 2013. Of course, it wasn’t really 12 days of ‘gifts’ but rather data recovery bits & bytes our customers have given us over the past year.

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Happy New Year from all of us at CBL

5 January 2011

2010 has drawn to a close and 2011 is upon us.

The holiday season was celebrated in many parts of the CBL globe.

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Ghosts of Data Disasters Past

23 December 2010

Ghost of Data Disasters Past In the spirit of the holidays this year, we decided to take a look back at some of the data recovery issues from yesteryear, our own Ghosts of Recoveries Past!

In ye olde Olden Dayes, saw we challenges diverse and frightful.

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'Twas the Night Before Deadline: a Christmas Recovery Poem

21 December 2010

Dr CBL to the rescue in a Santa suit

A SOHO-Ho Computer Crash On Christmas Eve

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12 Days of Data Recovery

16 December 2009

With the holiday season bearing down on us, CBL is counting the 12 days of Christmas – data recovery style.

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Holiday Travelers Beware: Tips for travelers who put critical information at risk during the holidays

9 December 2008

Will you be heading home with your notebook for the holidays later this month? Will you be staying home and continue to commute and compute with your laptop daily? Regardless, be vigilant and protect your data.

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