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Will you be heading home with your notebook for the holidays later this month? Will you be staying home and continue to commute and compute with your laptop daily? Regardless, be vigilant and protect your data.

Your computer has a monetary value, but the data that resides on the hard drive is the most valuable commodity. Protecting corporate data should be your first priority especially in these turbulent economic times.

  • Schedule and conduct regular backups and test your backup to make sure the backup information can be retrieved.
  • Keep your computer in an inconspicuous bag when you travel, not in one that boldly advertises “Laptop Inside” and definitely not in the backseat of a car. If you’re catching a flight home for the upcoming holidays, place your laptop in an inconspicuous carry-on bag. Don’t check your laptop, but if you must due to security measures, place the laptop in another well-padded bag.

Did you know according to an article by IDG News Service’s Agam Shah that Some of the largest and medium-sized U.S. airports report close to 637,000 laptops lost each year, according to the Ponemon Institute?

  • Keep backups in a separate location from your laptop in the event of its theft or loss.
  • Use complex passwords and encryption solutions to make it more difficult for a stolen laptop to be “hacked” by criminals.
  • Use anti-virus software to scan and screen incoming emails.

Whether you’re a student with a hand-me-down laptop or a business executive with the latest and greatest model, the daily grind of commuting can cause damage to the read/write heads of your laptop’s drive making data inaccessible.

But don’t panic if you do find yourself not being able to access your data on your laptop. When data does go missing, and it will, contact a reputable data recovery specialist.

If looking for a last-minute gift idea for the commuter in your family consider a one or three-year CBL Data Recovery Service Protection Plan for $49.99 or $99.99 respectively. After all, it’s never matter of if data loss will happen; it’s simply a matter of when.

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