February 8

Protecting your data focus in Tech Connection article

The only thing we love almost as much as getting back our customers’ data is preventing it from falling into the wrong hands. The privacy of your information and importance of protecting data is a crucial part of what we do and of our digital society today. We’ve talked about data security before on Platter Chatter. Getting rid of old hardware is one challenge, but what about the files and data stored on computers? Friend of Platter Chatter and tech reporter extraordinaire, Marc Saltzman, recently highlighted some key points about safely deleting data in Costco Connection magazine.

Q: I’m buying a new PC and want to safely dispose of my old one — in terms of being environmentally sensitive and also protecting my personal data. Tips?

View the CBL Data Shredder highlight in Costco Tech Connection, Marc Saltzman, February 2012

In answering this often-asked question, Marc highlighted some of the recycling methods for old hardware and also pointed out the need to protect your data by wiping old hard drives. The answer to that particular aspect is why we offer CBL Data Shredder as a free download. If you need to wipe a hard drive to make sure your personal information is safe, check out Data Shredder.

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  1. Cheadle DR
    Feb 8, 06:07 PM

    Indeed a complete full format of the hard disk drive should make your data unrecoverable. This will typically write ‘0’ through the drive. With regards to disposing of the drive in an environmentally friendly way then check your local waste provider. In the UK the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive)was brought in during 2007 to cover the disposal of such items. At our local eco-centre / tip there is a special section to dispose of such items.

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