February 17

There’s a social trend for the last year or so where people post two photos comparing changes in their lives, things like relationships and goals, with the caption ‘how it started… how it’s going’. We were reminded of it when looking at some devices in the data recovery lab recently.

How it started

How it’s going

Two drives on a purple counter at CBL Data Recovery: a western digital caviar 21600 from 1997 and a Samsung EVO 4TB SSD from 2020.
How it started... How it's going: Actually it's not going well for the data on either of these devices. On the left is a hard drive from 1997 that can hold 1.6 GB. At right is a solid-state drive from 2020 that can hold 4 TB! They both arrived at the lab for data recovery service at the same time recently part of separate projects.

What we see here is not a direct evolution of storage technology but highlights the leap of capabilities that has occurred over more than 25 years of digital storage evolution. SSDs bring performance boosts and HDDs have grown their storage and workload capacities a lot. We see a wide array of devices in for recovery service all the time. Despite changing trends in usage and computing environments both of these still happen to be in use or needed in some shape or form today. No matter how it started or how it will end, the possibility of failure and loss, and the importance of the data they hold, remains as real as ever!

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  1. CBL
    Feb 18, 11:46 AM

    Update on these recoveries for those who asked: The Western Digital unit had only a couple bad sectors in and around the boot sector so it was able to be recovered swiftly. The Samsung SSD was experiencing data block errors which triggered block re-allocation that threatened data but lab was able to avoid extensive data loss and recover most! So it’s going well for both!

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