September 3

Summer is over. That is the sad reality for many students. Days spent earning tuition fees have been traded in for sitting in lecture rooms listening to professors. Soon many students will have urgent due dates and exams to study for. While being a college or university student can be rough, nothing is worse than the feeling of losing hours of hard work when your computer fails. For students trying live on the cheap, access to expensive backup equipment is not a luxury. Be sure to take advantage of free online storage options. Here are some suggestions for students who need that somewhere to store important data.

Email. Depending on the email of your choice you should have access to enough storage space for a few documents. Several web based email services offer 1 GB of storage space or more. That can add up to plenty of important projects with some added document backup options. When you finish working on that essay, save it, and email yourself a copy just in case.

Photos. There are a number of free online photo storage websites available to you. Whether you want to store those photos on a social networking site or a photo album site is up to you. Be sure to check whether the quality of the uploaded image is decreased. Now those memories from frosh week will be safely stored online, whether you like it or not.

If all else fails and cloud storage options are not for you then you can always use traditional media for your storage needs. CDs or DVDs are an inexpensive way to safely store data. Put that hard drive from your old computer or laptop to good use. Buy a drive enclosure and voila, you have a portable means to take your data with you.

Here are some free online storage options: Windows Live Skydrive, Mozy, and Dropbox. All three offer 2GB of free storage (or more) and a desktop client to schedule automatic sync and backup. Easy and simple to use.

Best of luck during the school year!

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