Art Exhibit Focuses on E-Waste Data Dangers

6 June 2018

A duo of artists known as KairUs curious about private data breaches and e-waste created an exhibition of artworks entitled “Forensic Fantasies”. Highlighting some key issues and effects related to e-waste dumps in places like Ghana, a topic we’ve covered before, they look at some interesting intersections of technology, the environment, and society.

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International Data Privacy Day: Strong, Sensitive, Secure

25 January 2018

While the majority of Americans were asking Santa for new tech, we were busy building a contingency plan to protect our existing devices. In December, we were all wishing for things. In January, it’s time to take action to protect our technology and sensitive data from prying eyes, ears, and keyboards.

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How to Demolish Old Hard Drive Data (keeping your data safe, the logical way)

24 March 2016

Hammering, drilling, slicing and vyse-ing your way to Data Destruction

If you have a computer that you are getting rid of you need to take special care of the data you have stored inside it. Whatever information you have saved on the hard drive inside: photos, documents, financial files, passwords, emails — personal information, does not simply go away if you hit delete or drop stuff in the Recycle Bin.

Ben Popken at NBC did a video showing some low-tech solutions to this problem. He trashes hard drives with everything from hammers and baseball bats, to submerging in water and burning with fire. Watch the video after the jump.

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Where Is Cloud Data Actually Stored?

25 February 2015

How Cloud Storage Works

With the rise in popularity of cloud-based data storage, more people are asking where and how information is actually stored by cloud providers. More precisely, what exactly is the ‘cloud’, and how secure is storing and sending information through the virtual network? It’s important to have a basic understanding of how your information is being handled–particularly the aspects of a service provider that you should be cognizant of in order to ensure the safety and privacy of your data.

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Data Safety on and off the Internet

9 February 2015

If data safety was a coin, data protection would be one of the sides and the other would be data destruction. On Safer Internet Day, we’re thinking about how all of our data – information we create, information created about us, etc – relates to our safety.

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Digital Universe of Data Continues to Grow

28 April 2014

The IDC is in with their latest report on the ever-expanding ‘Digital Universe’. Latest figures highlight that the world’s data is up to a staggering 4.4 ZETTAbytes.

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Storage for Students

3 September 2010

Summer is over. That is the sad reality for many students. For the upcoming school year, here are some suggestions for students who need that somewhere to store important data.

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Go-Go-Gadgets, Gone!

13 May 2010

Today’s gadgets are smarter, faster, and more mobile than ever before. Our high-tech electronics allow us to work or play on the go, but also make a tempting target for thieves.

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Back to School Advice for Parents (and Students with Laptops, too)

20 August 2008

In today’s world of e-gadgets, a new or used laptop or personal computer may also be on the Back-to-School shopping list.

Here’s some advice for parents.

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Dangers of DIY Data Recovery

11 January 2008

Sometimes a little bit of knowledge can lead to bad things. Often we get calls from IT professionals who require data recovery services. As they explain the symptoms of the failure they proceed to explain what they have already attempted. This is when a $500 recovery can turn into...

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When a backup drive is not a "backup"

28 November 2007

Many times we get customers who bring in their external drives just after a crash. Often the external drive is referred to as their “backup”.

“I copied all of my data to my backup and it failed …”

Well, what about your original data? You mean this was your only copy?...

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Heads and Tales: CBL Found the File No Other Company Could

10 May 2007

Marianne Richmond, owner of Marianne Richmond Studios in Minneapolis, had almost given up on data recovery specialists when her personal computer’s hard drive failed last year. Nobody could find the only file she desperately wanted — her personal journal for the past 10 years.

Her 500-page journal was crammed...

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