Oct 24, 05:50 PM

As wildfires continue to ravage Southern California, CBL Data Recovery’s San Diego County laboratory remains open. CBL reminds computer users throughout the country that data can often be recovered successfully from fire-damaged storage media.

Doug Owens, Managing Director of CBL’s laboratory in El Cajon recommends customers call CBL Data Recovery before traveling to the lab in the event CBL personnel must evacuate.

Owens offers advice on how computer users can prevent data loss should they suffer the misfortune of a fire in their residence or business as well as a natural disaster of the magnitude which currently plagues Southern California:

  • Do not attempt to power a smoke-damaged drive.
  • Do not place the media in a refrigerator or freezer to cool it.
  • Do not clean fire- or smoke-damaged media.
  • Call CBL 24×7×365, and
  • Do not attempt to remove the hard drive from a severely burned system. Send CBL the entire system and CBL data recovery specialists will remove the drive on your behalf.

Owen adds, if you anticipate that you may have to leave your home or business and still have time, backup your computers and copy your important personal or business data onto CDs or an external hard drive and take the removable media with you.

Above all, put your and your family’s, friends’ and neighbors’ safety first. If asked to leave your residence or business, evacuate.

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