August 18

More and more computer users are becoming aware of a growing amount of data privacy issues around us. Protecting your personal data should be a top priority given the alarming increase in identity theft. Some home users have gone to extreme measures physically to destroy old hard drives. However, the old tried, tested and true “hammer to hard drive” still works.

For those of you unwilling to get your hands dirty on the other hand, CBL Data Recovery offers a secure drive destruction service. Not only do you get peace of mind, knowing any residual data on old hard drives are securely destroyed, but as well you will receive a certificate of destruction confirming the process has been completed.

Also, for the do-it-yourself type, CBL offers a FREE secure data deletion utility available for download. The software can be installed or run from bootable ISO image. Fully customizable and adheres to international wiping standards. Download CBL Data Shredder, definitely a handy tool to have for future use.

Whether you prefer a home made drive crusher, 3rd party services, or do-it-yourself solutions there are many options when it comes to protecting your data. Take the worry out of the situation and securely destroy old data. If you have any questions about secure data destruction or any other CBL services feel free to contact a location near you.

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