The Bits and Bytes of Backups: Why You Should Prepare for Data Loss

17 March 2017

Feeling lucky?

Everyone feels lucky until they aren’t. Most people have a false sense of security and hold tightly to the belief that catastrophe “can’t happen to me”. Unfortunately, it can.

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Ten Years on From Katrina: Reducing Impact Key so Business Can Weather the Storm

31 August 2015

10 years ago this past week Hurricane Katrina slammed into New Orleans. Many businesses were submerged in water and either partially or totally destroyed. Recovery planning is key but taking steps to reduce impact on business goes a long way to maintaining operations.

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October Data Recovery Fire Drill

7 October 2011

Get Your Disaster Plan together for Data Recovery; photo by cancsajn October is small business month and is a perfect time for organizations to consider a data recovery fire drill to ensure business continuity.

“Hard drives in your computer system are not fail-safe and can and will fail for numerous reasons,” says CBL’s president Bill Margeson. “Often those responsible for an organization’s IT may not be aware that one or more of the drives are acting up or about to go down causing major headaches for the business.”

To properly plan against a data loss crisis, running simulations now could prevent major headaches later. Check out our preparation tips after the jump.

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Hurricane Earl-y Warning

1 September 2010

Often the strength of tropical storms and hurricanes like Hurricane Earl are underestimated by those that weather them. CBL Data Recovery has extensive experience when dealing with natural disaster data recoveries and being prepared is the key to minimizing the effects on your data.

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Broken Server + CBL = Disaster Relief

12 May 2010

If you are an CIO you understand the importance of protecting corporate data. There is no magic formula for safeguarding vital information but certain steps can be taken. Many businesses have systems in place, backup redundancy, or hard drives upon hard drives — but how many are 100% confident those measures will hold up when the time comes?

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Are Your Archives Safe?

9 February 2010

Most companies with any sort of important historical data have archives. Years of old data packed away in the basement collecting dust. However it is important to note that even they can be at risk for disasters.

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Data is Resilient, Don't Underestimate Haiti Recovery Effort

15 January 2010

Natural disasters around the world like the recent earthquake in Haiti all have serious impacts on the communities they affect. At CBL we have stood by emergency personnel and offered our particular expertise in restoring mission-critical data to ravaged areas and we are ready to assist again.

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Disaster Recovery: More Planning, Less Downtime

6 July 2009

Symantec recently released their 4th annual report on disaster recovery and the news is good, mostly. More organizations are planning and awareness is growing.

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Be Prepared.

2 August 2007

Organizations of any size can and do experience data loss on a daily basis which can severely impact business continuity. Hence, all organizations should include data recovery as part of their disaster recovery plans.

Security Matters, a magazine for small to medium-sized businesses, features a number of articles which address...

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Business Continuity = Data

6 June 2007

Many businesses and government agencies have implemented business continuity plans that include data backup to minimize downtime during a disaster or other unforeseen disruptions, but many organizations don’t realize data loss can occur despite having backup technology.

In May 2007, A&T came out with some key finding in its

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